Bad Credit Loans

Need a loan?  Have bad credit?

If so, you are not alone. Millions upon millons of people across the United States, Europe, and elsewhere are in similar situations, struggling with bad credit and the process of securing lending for everything from automobiles to homes. 

Securing a bad or very bad credit loan is not impossible and does not have to be a confusing and stressful process. Here at Very Bad Credit, you can find free and independent advice on securing no credit, poor, bad and very bad credit loans. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to feel fully educated and informed about the bad credit lending process the expectations you should have before you decide to secure a bad credit loan.

In most cases, if you are able to provide proof of employment, make enough money to repay the loan you are looking for, and/or have some form of collateral, you will be a able to find a bad credit lenders that will work with you. You should just brace yourself for higher interest rates than someone with good to great credit.

The silver lining for anyone with bad credit is that your credit score and credit ratings can and will be improved if you are able to obtain a bad credit loan and prove you are able to make the payments and meet your financial obligations. 

This area of our site provides detailed information on all types of bad credit loans and the process that is required find a loan and lender. Whether you a looking for a bad credit auto loans, home loans, student loans, loans for poor credit, or any other type of bad credit loans, our articles are chalk full of useful information.

What States are Payday Loans Illegal?

Are Payday Loans Illegal in my State?

If you are interested in obtaining a payday loan or cash advance, you should first check to see if the loan is legal in the state you reside.

Individual states are primarily responsible for the regulation of payday loan companies and other lending institutions. Payday loans are totally legal in 37 US states.  In the other 13 states, payday loans are either illegal or are subject to state laws that make obtaining one very difficult.

Currently, payday loans are illegal (or very highly regulated) in the following states:

Online Payday Loans for Bad Credit

How to get Online Payday Loans for Bad Credit

Sometimes unexpected expenses can throw us for a loop. Maybe its a major automobile repair, or a hole in the roof, or maybe a trip to the emergency room. If you don't have the cash or a credit card to put the expense on, what can you do? Then, to top it off, what if you have bad credit? Forget about a loan, right? Well, maybe not.

Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans

Bad Credit Motorcycle Loans

How can I get a motorcycle loan with bad credit?

In this day and age, almost everybody has debt and millions of people have poor or bad credit. If you're one of these people, you might think it's next to impossible to find lending for things like, you know, a new motorcycle. But luckily for the millions of Americans who are being put at a disadvantage with bad credit ratings due to mistakes they've made in the past, it is possible to find reputable lenders who offer bad credit motorcycle loans.

High Risk Personal Loans

How can I get a High Risk Personal Loan?

If you're looking for a high risk personal loan, chances are you are currently stuggling with less than perfect credit.  While getting approved for a loan can be more difficult when you're credit is poor, many lenders offer ways for people with bad credit to get approved.

Less Than Perfect Credit Home Loans

How to get a Less Than Perfect Credit Home Loan

Getting a less than perfect credit home loan will depend on a number of factors, the first being how much less than perfect your credit is. Obviously, the better your credit rating, the easier the loan approval process will be and the lower the interest rates you will receive.  But if you're credit isn't perfect, it's the not the end of the world, and there are many options available to you in finding lending for a less than perfect credit home loan.

Slightly Less Than Perfect Credit Home Loans

Secured vs. Unsecured Bad Credit Personal Loans

What is the difference between a secured and unsecured bad credit personal loan?

If you are shopping around for a personal loan and you have poor, bad, or very bad credit, you will undoubtably come across both secured and unsecured bad credit personal loans. Depending on your situation, either borrowing option might be right choice for you. On this page, we hope to help you understand the fundamental differences between these two popular loan options so you can make the best possible financing decision.

Secured Bad Credit Personal Loans

Home Loans for People with Bad Credit

home loans bad credit

Home Loans Bad Credit

Buying a new home is one of the biggest decisions, one of the most substantial committments, and one of largest financial responsibilities most of us will take on in our lifetime. It's also one of the greatest thrills and a can provide a great source of pride, knowing that you own your own home.

But what if you have bad or very bad credit? Is a bad credit home loan out of reach?